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We pride ourselves not only on meeting our clients' expectations but also in exceeding them. We want to give your business the best daily custodial service for its money. That's why our janitorial service follows the six C's of customer service.

These 6 C's wouldn't matter at all without the 1"I" you should be most concerned about.

Insurance. To hire a vendor without the coverage below is the equivalent to playing Russian Roulette with your company's viability.

All the vendors you do business with must have two standard insurance coverages in the U.S. The two standard insurance forms that are always required and should be in your initial due diligence checklist include:

Worker’s Compensation: Provides wages and medical benefits to employees who are injured in the course of employment. The employee gives up the right to sue their employer for negligence. Every state has a minimum coverage limit, and the vendor will be required to meet the specific coverage for the state in which they have employees conducting business.

Liability Insurance: Also called third party insurance, it’s a fundamental part of your risk management system. It protects your organization from the risks of liabilities from lawsuits and protects the insured in the event they’re sued for claims that fall within the coverage parameters of the insurance policy. Damage caused intentionally and contractual liability aren’t covered under liability insurance policies as it provides coverage for legal fees, which can be quite expensive. This is particularly useful in “nuisance” lawsuits.
Beyond those two forms of insurance coverage, it depends on your industry, your organization and on the specific function or activity the vendor will be performing for your organization. So, your requirements for insurance coverage “may vary”.


You can have peace of mind in our daily custodial service, knowing A. Rose is bonded and insured. We hire only the most trustworthy commercial cleaning employees. Our cleaning service employees are carefully screened and janitorial service so you can have confidence that your irreplaceable work product and costly equipment will be found in the condition in which you left it.



Client Satisfaction


A. Rose doesn't take its clients for granted. We encourage two-way communication by conducting regular surveys to ensure we meet the janitorial service needs and deliver the highest level of customer service to our clients.




A. Rose knows the toll commercial cleaning chemicals can take on the environment and on the health of your staff. That's why we use the best brand name office cleaning products on the market.




Many companies start a janitorial service contract by doing a great job, but months or even weeks later, they may start to cut corners. A. Rose is committed to maintaining the high level of office cleaning throughout its tenure through its quality control system that includes supervisor oversight, regular inspections and quarterly customer surveys. 


Cost Effective

Your business will realize a great return on investment with A. Rose as our  janitorial service maintains a healthy work environment for your employees and immaculate surroundings for your clients and other guests. Our cost-efficient commercial cleaning techniques mean you get the best service at the most competitive prices.



A. Rose can service nearly any office environment, from small offices to large.

A. Rose can develop a commercial cleaning plan for your bank or other financial institution, or educational facility. We provide daily janitorial service to ensure your offices are presentable at all times.


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